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1. Regret
2. Sanity
3. 13:26
4. Puppet
5. Radiata

Arips is about a difficult relationship father-son, lived through a face mask, in a sequence of lies and manipulations, like a puppet.
The album deals with the different moods in the various songs, until the feeling of remorse melted with a newfound sense of inner peace.
We wanted to mix our technical playing with clean vocal melodies, alternating with growl and scream to combine something different, something like… us.


Who We Are


Andrea Battistello Guitar


Davide Bettarello Guitar


Roberto Renoffio Vocals


Samuele Zecchin Drums

Braska was born in the Summer of 2018, from Andrea Battistello and Davide Bettarello, both former guitarist in bands of similar metal/djent genres in the Venetian area (around Padue). It comes to life from a need for unifying contemporary metal sounds, such as tech-metalcore/djent, with richness of ambient with reference to clean, that aren’t compromising the heavy sound, on the contrary, they want to make it catchier and more aimed to the consumer. The cornerstone is, in fact, to create a sort of “pop culture” around the outcome, still defyining a clear limit, detected from the complex guitar riffs and well-set drum lines. The voice is the convergent alternation of the classic growl/yell/scream with a very pop clean, thanks to Roberto Renoffio. The band also welcomes the drummer Samuele Zecchin, another former artist from previous bands, preachers to the same choir.

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  • Sanity
    This body is not mine | And my brain knows my mistakes | But my heart is just a little child | That's asking for a nothing
  • 13:26
    There is an answer to my why | In every hole that I fell | Without Understanding until the end | The reason was me
  • Regret
    This signs of me | Written in the Sand | Are calling me
  • Radiata
    Seeing everything you do | Each timemakes me understanding | how much Stronger you are
  • Puppet
    You didn't believe me | You thought I wasn't able | but this time you will learn

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Coded by Bettarello Davide: Dad3_ | Photo by: WORMHOLE | Arips art by: _ddazed